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Apr 12, 2013
Beyond The Brochure
Project Knapsack in the classroom with students in Soweto

Project Knapsack Gives Back!.

Mar 5, 2012
BClub MomMe
Moms Evening of Education and Giving Back

Project Knapsack teaches us a life of Service Over Self!.

Feb 16, 2012
Super Mommy Not
Project Knapsack:Education resources Moms can use

Great Ideas for Moms to Get Kids Involved in Volunteering and Giving Back.

May 31, 2011
Loyola Marymount University
LMU Cares continues outreach with Project Knapsack

Men’s basketball, through its community service project LMU Cares and partner program Project Knapsack, combined to speak about Literacy with local students.

March 25, 2011
Element Eden/Element Skateboards
PK visits students in Soweto one more time before returning to California

During the Apartheid era there were human rights abuses by all sides; Human Rights Day is but one step to ensure that the people of South Africa are aware of their human rights and to ensure that such abuses never again occur.

March 23, 2011
Element Eden/Element Skateboards
Project Knapsack, OKOW and Actress Kristin Cavallari hold it down in Kenya!

Wow! This is absolutely amazing work Porcha and her group are doing! Great to see Kristen C. there making a difference.

March 21, 2011
Element Eden/Element Skateboards
Robben Island Visit by Guest Blogger Porcha of Project Knapsack

The unique piece to Robben Island is that all of the tour guides are former inmates who were released when the the prison shut down.

March 16, 2011
Element Eden/Element Skateboards
Project Knapsack travels to the lion park….BEWARE!

When you see how massive and strong these animals are, you realize just how low you are on the food chain.

March 14, 2011
Element Eden/Element Skateboards
South Africa- Day 1

The Loyola Marymount University Men’s Basketball team donated LMU T-shirts that were included in the knapsacks. They are always a big hit amongst the learners.

March 2011

Emi-Jay is a wonderful supporter of Project Knapsack

April 9 2010
Beyond The Brochure
Co-Author Porcha Dodson takes Project Knapsack to South Africa

In partnership with Loyola Marymount University, the program was able to provide each student in Africa with their very own back-packs filled with school supplies as well as help expand the school’s technology lab.

Summer 2010
Campbell Hall School
8th Graders Partnerwith South African Students (page 4)

Our local California Pizza Kitchen in Encino hosted a backpack stuffing event for CH students, and afterwards everyone created their own pizza master pieces and participated in a gourmet pizza making session with the head chef of “CPK”.

May 5 2010
Loyola Marymount University
LMU Cares continues outreach with Project Knapsack

LMU Associate Head Coach Myke Scholl spearheaded the project and has helped bridge the gap between students in Los Angeles and on the continent of South Africa.

September 26 2010
Loyola Marymount University
LMU Cares to Host Annual Fundraiser

The LMU Cares has helped raise over $15,000 to purchase schools supplies and other educational and technological resources for our sister school in Africa.

February 2 2009
Loyola Marymount University
Men’s Hoops Launches LMU Cares

American school children really need to realize the hardships that students in developing nations face in efforts to obtain a mediocre education.

March 20 2009
Loyola Marymount University
Hoops Service Program LMU Cares Gears Up

With these outstanding programs, our arms are literally reaching close to home and across the globe – LMU Associate Head Coach Myke Scholl

June 15 2009
Cinevegas Film Festival
Get Smart Screening

The educational program empowers both American school children and their international peers by reducing barriers that affect learning and building confidence and self-esteem in order to achieve educational goals.

Dec 16 2009
Beyond The Brochure
Co-Author Porcha Dodson & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Project Knapsack is grateful for its support from The Rock Foundation.Founded by actor Dwayne Johnson, The Rock Foundation empowers andmotivates children worldwide through physical fitness.

April 4 2008
Pen Pals and Backpacks

We both share a passion for teaching kids about the importance of making a difference – Dwayne Johnson

March 25 2008
Wendywood Sports Club – Tennis
South African actor honors Nelson Mandela through pen pal program

Maybe one day I will have my own foundation, but for now I had to honour Madiba in this small way – Jafta Mamabolo